Canada’s Supreme Court could make Indigenous voices much louder

Image credit: Wikimedia commons/Themightyquill

Canada’s top court will rule this morning on a case that could dramatically change the way laws are made in this country. It will decide whether the federal government has a constitutional duty to consult with Indigenous groups before introducing legislation.

The Mikisew Cree First Nation, a band in northern Alberta, says its hunting and fishing rights were impacted when Ottawa introduced changes to environmental laws in 2012, and that it should have been consulted first.

The government disagrees. It says there is no duty to consult when it comes to legislation, because that would make it too difficult to pass laws. It also says a duty to consult would undermine the power of Parliament and put treaty rights ahead of the charter rights of others.

The potential consequences of the ruling are profound. If the Supreme Court sides with the Mikisew, it would give Indigenous groups a much bigger voice in how laws that affect them are crafted. It could also significantly alter the process. Ottawa would have to open up consultations on many new laws even before MPs can debate them.

This will be big news later today, no matter which way it goes. The decision is set to be made public at 9:45 a.m. ET.

Credit: CBC News Morning Brief


The fascinating war tactics used in Lord Marksman and the lore of magic weapons and dragons that will attract you to this battle-filled anime

Image Credit:Funimation/Seven Seas Production

Lord Marksman and Vanadis is an anime that is well known for the quality and smoothness of the animation and artwork. The time period seems to be somewhere in medieval times mixed in with fantasy characters in the anime. Along with the usual base camps in the wars there are also sometimes dragons used in the battles and there are mythical weapons that are imbued with special powers. The Main story follows Lord Tigre who is the earl for his village Alsace and how he gets captured and later forms an alliance with his captors on the condition of protection for his village and his village becoming a part of her land. Alsace has a very low amount of people who can defend their home so Lord Tigre helps with his gift in using a bow and arrow and later uses his enchanted heirloom bow. This anime is has a very unique story. I really enjoyed how it progressed and seeing the battles between opposing armies. Many of the characters are easy to feel attached to. Tigre, for example, is very loyal to his home, which he tries to keep safe from the hostile neighboring countries of Brune. In the anime Tigre and Eleonora eventually venture out meet to persuade the other Valkyries to join them to fight against their common enemies. I would recommend this anime to who likes medieval warfare with fictional history and with some fantasy and magic.

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